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How to do End of Year Procedure

To help you we, have set out the end of year procedure for you to know what to do, at the end of the financial year.  Please follow the instructions listed to ensure your end of year procedure if completed effectively. You will also need to ask your accountant what else you may need to do.

If you wish to keep track of your stock value [If not go to the next paragraph], then you will need to do your stock take before the 30th of June. When this has been done, go into your Ledger and make sure the date is set to the new Tax Year.  Click on [GST & Reports] and then click on [Calculate to Current Stock] then [Save Start Stock]. 

 All existing clients should be invoiced  up to and including  the 30th of June.  Some businesses like to change invoice books at this time to start off the new financial year.  It is a personal choice to do this but not a requirement. 

 All bills should be entered or paid by the 30th of June to be checked  against your July statement.

When you receive your June bank statement you can reconcile your transactions and print out the reconciled totals. Go back through the months and check for transactions not reconciled.  Check to see these transactions have not been duplicated, if so, delete them.  Make sure they are in the correct month and category.  If there are any other un-reconciled transactions still listed check to see why.

If your account needs a copy off your books you will need to load it to a Memory Stick/Thumb drive.  Go into  Backup and click on Accountants Copy button. This can be only be done on a Memory Stick/Thumb drive.  We do not recommend using  a CD as they are read only or you may need drivers.
NOTE: Don't forget to set the drive letter to the stick's drive.

 If your accountant will also requires all printouts of your Yearly transactions. Click on [List By Year] then Click on [GST & Reports] 
Check that all Invoice Book prefixes are listed in Invoice Prefix's for Debtors Shown.
Click on the following buttons to print your end of year reports.   Profit & Loss,  Debtors,  Creditors, Spread Sheet  and  Trial Balance Sheet.  If they need more break down then print out the [Spread ] button in the listing screen.

WAGES in the make file for STP window
Press Update Tag all Employees as EOFY Done : This button is only used when the Pay year is fully done so the tax office knows you are going to start a new year next payrun.
Do this option after you have done the last weekly pay upload.   Note: in the portal set the [ Message Type] to  [ Update Version 3]

OTHER for Accountant
Your accountant may also require copies of your BAS forms for the year.  If you have any bad debts these should also be recorded.  Balance your wage book if you use one or your wages program.  All your corrections could be included in the last pay week.

Plug a Memory Stick in to your computer and find out the drive allocation Letter.
Go to the main menu of  Bizz Wizz and select utilities and backup,  then selected the drive letter for the stick.
When the drive is selected check the companies are ticked on the left side of the windows.
Now click on the Accountants Copy Button  this will copy your data to the memory stick.

   Accountant Copy How to run software on the memory stick.

D:\ [ Open the removable disk or memory stick. Note: drive letter may not be the same eg. E:\ or F:\ ...... ]
|---- > D:\Bizz_Wizz   [Open this folder holding all accountant copies exports ]
|---- > D:\Bizz_Wizz\BizzWizz23  [ Open this folder holding your version (NOTE: folder name may not be the same) ]
|---- > D:\Bizz_Wizz\BizzWizz23\Company1
            [ Open this folder holding Company 1 data (NOTE folder name may not be the same) ]
| |
| |---- > D:\Bizz_Wizz\BizzWizz23\Company1\0-ledger.exe   [ Program file to run for company 1 ]
OR for company 2
|---- >  D:\Bizz_Wizz\BizzWizz23\Company2
            [ Open this folder holding Company 2 data (NOTE folder name may not be the same) ]
| |---- > D:\Bizz_Wizz\BizzWizz23\Company2\0-ledger.exe   [ Program file to run for company 2]
Up to 10 company can be here but most of the time there is only one.

If program will not open try running " 0-accountant.exe " which will load windows dot net framework 3.5

For more help please ring 08 93591921 or 0499772460 Bizz Wizz Software
( We can also remote into your computer with team viewer to help you)

See Also :  Ledger Terms , Ledger Menu , Category List  , Add / Change RecordTransaction Lists , End of Year Procedure , Bank Reconciliation