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NOTE: By moving the mouse over the buttons, the help box at the bottom of that screen will give you a brief description of the function of that button.


Warning - It is the responsibility of the employer to check all monetary results of this software.

Bizz Wizz Software has endeavoured  to make this software as accurate as possible.  As payroll has many variations that may not have all been for seen at the time of the  program's creation,  Bizz Wizz Software does not take any responsibility or liability in any way for results of monies paid using this software.  All results of financial or other need to checked by the program user to ensure the integrity of all output from this software.  Taxation and work place agreement changes etc. may invalidate the output of this software and it is the responsibility of the program user to be aware of this. 


WAGES MENU TAB          

Show, Select and Add Employees button Clicking on this button will bring up your employee list.  For more information go to employee list.

View and Commit current pay run button Click on this button to either view or commit current pay run for selected employees.

List This Years Wages button This button brings up a list of wages paid for all employees in the current financial year.

List Last Years Wages button Clicking this button will bring up a list of wages paid for employees for previous financial years

View / Print Holiday and Sick Day Accruals button   A Print Menu dialogue box will show when this button is clicked.  You can the either view or print Leave Accrual totals.

Exit Wages button   Click on this button to exit the Wages module.  

Tax Totals

 Tax Table Tab

There are seven Tax Scales.  These are selected when information is entered for the employee record.  The Medicare scale is generally used for Tax Scales 2, 6 and 7.
You can change the tax tables manually using the table in the NAT-1004 from the tax office

Tax Table NAT 1004 button    Clicking on this button brings up the Statement of Formulas for Calculating tax amounts to be withheld from the ATO  website.  The current tables from within this document are used to calculate employee with holding tax.  There is also a table allowing you to check the tax this program produces

Tax Table NAT 2173 button    When this button is clicked the Higher Education Loan weekly tax deductions can be calculated.  This table is from the ATO website.

Exit button    Click this button to exit out of the Tax Table screen.

Save Scale button    Clicking this button will save the Tax Scale if you have changed it.


 Setups Tab

 Don't put the letter head on pay slips tick box    This box should be left un ticked if the business letter head is to be shown on the pay slip.

Don't print boxes on the pay slips tick box    If this box is not ticked, boxes will be printed on the pay slip printout.

The set pay day    Select the day the pay day run is done on.

mm Alignment from Top of page    The alignment number for this varies depending on the printer.  Set the number that is relevant to your printer to align print to the top of the page.

mm Alignment from the Left of page    The alignment number for this varies depending on the printer.  Set the number that is relevant to your printer to align print to the left of the page.

Super Contribution Percentage    Enter the number 9 in the percentage box if your super contribution percentage is 9 percent.

The information must be entered

Company Name on Activity Statements    Enter your company/business name in this box that is normally used for the Taxation Office. 

ABN or WPN for paying wages    Enter your ABN or WPN (With holding Payer Number) number for wage payments.

Address    Enter the Business address in this box.

City    Enter the city or name of suburb.

State    Enter the state initials.

Postcode    Enter the postcode number.

Contact    Enter the name of the contact person.

Phone    Enter the phone number of the business.

Tax Payment Presets determines where the tax payments will be paid to in Creditors and the bank it is paid from e.t.c.

 Reference Detail    Type in the business Tax File Number or a reference that will show on a direct payment on a statement.

Pay From    Select the bank number from which the payments are being made from.

Ledger Category No:    Select the category number listed in the Ledger Category list.

List Categories    Clicking on this button will bring up the existing  list in the Ledger. (adding to the category list must be done in the Ledger program)

Link Creditor Account for Tax    When this button is clicked it will bring up your suppliers list.  If the category is not already there you can add a new one by clicking on the Add New button

FBT Gross Up  ( 1.8692 )    This percentage is set at 1.8692 but can be changed if the Taxation Office changes the percentage.  You must check this value every year with the ATO

FB Free Value ( 2000 )   The dollar value of $2000 or less ( this amount can be changed ) is the non reportable amount. If the FBT amount is less than this figure it does not need to be put on the employees payment summary.

Delete Current Pay Run button    Clicking on this button will bring up a dialogue box.  If you wish to continue deleting the file press yes.  If you click no, it will cancel out.  This will not delete pay runs already committed.

OK Save   Click this button to save the information entered on this screen.  You will then be back at the main menu of Wages.

See Also :  Wages Menu , Tax Totals , Setups , Employee List , Pay Run , Input Employees & Adjustments , List Pay Runs