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Import data from web to Reconcile banks 

Bank Reconciliation From an Imported File: 
The Year Start figure as of ( eg. July 1 ) must be entered for the bank account from your bank statement,

 The First thing to do is go on to your bank on the internet and find the Transactions you wish to reconcile.
Then find the option to export to a file. If you need help to do this please ring your bank.
There are 2 ways to get data from your bank 1 is automatic electronic data feeds, this is done by a third party and quite expensive cost wise.
So BizzWizz at this time is only going for the file export and import option which is Free to do.

To select the file type to download from your bank just select a ( .qif ) file. Most Bank have a few type so just select a MYOB compatible .qif  file.
We have made these file compatible with BizzWizz. However every bank differs slightly in the way the data is laid out.
It your import into BizzWizz is not working right please call BizzWizz so we can take a look to help you online. 


When this window first opens the only button that you can press is the [Load Bank Statement File] button.
Pressing this button will bring up a file dialog box so you can browse to find the file you have download.
When the file found open it and small grey window will ask for the statement date. I like to set the date to the date on the last transaction imported but you can take your pick. 

Using the two yellow up and down arrow icons you can scroll through the transactions imported 

Show Options
Show Already reconciled - This option shows imported transactions which are reconciled as they are normally hidden after being reconciled as they are done. You will need to tick if you are un-reconciling.
Auto Show Next when Reconciled - This option when ticked will jump to the next record that is Not Reconciled automatically after Reconciling , Scrolling or Changing search options.
When a bank transaction is shown in the bottom boxes the List box above will search for a matching record by Amount, it will search in the transaction amount field and the Bulk/deposit field and list all matching.

Show only Before & After -The search will also be restricted by the Days set on the lower right of the window. 
The search will only find matches within X number of day before the banks transaction date and after.

Transaction List- Buttons

Statement Date- is the date of the Statement to be reconciled

Refresh -
This Button reloads the data form the hard disk and will pickup any change made in other section or by other network users. 
and All Listed buttons - 'Tagged' will show the totals for only tagged transactions and 'All Listed ' shows totals for all.

Add to List
- If the bank transaction is not in the list in BizzWizz you will need to copy it into a New Transaction so it can be reconciled with bank.  

Change in list- Click here to change a transaction in the list. First, highlight the transaction in the list and then click on this button to make any changes needed to this record.  The Change Record  page will open so you can make the changes required. Make sure you click on the [OK Save] button after making changes to the Transaction.

Show all in list full Year -
or - Find by Price & within ? days- This button can have two functions in standard mode the Within Days options are used and in the other every transaction is listed.

Delete in list-
Click here to permanently delete a Transaction off the computer.

Undelete- Click here to undelete the last deleted transaction without closing the program. Only the last transaction can be undeleted.

Delete Bank Statement File -
When you have done the Reconciling the bank file will need to be removed if its all reconciled ready for the next file.

Reconcile Button 
When a are highlighted and this button is clicked it will reconcile the transactions turning the N in the bank column to a Y.
The Bank Record will also be Tagged as reconciled.

Un-reconcile Button - To use this button you must first tick [Show already Reconciled] and un-tick [Auto Show Next] then highlight the transaction or a number of transactions and have the bank record showing as well.


See Also :  Ledger Terms , Ledger Menu , Category List  , Add / Change RecordTransaction Lists , End of Year Procedure , Bank Reconciliation , Import bank