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NOTE: By moving the mouse over the buttons, the help box at the bottom of that screen will give you a brief description of the function of that button.

This is the Listing screen for listing Invoices.  The window in the middle is used to select which Invoices you want to list.
By clicking the top of a column the column will sort by that column.

Exit button   Clicking the Exit button will take you back to the Main Menu of Invoicing.
Invoice Show button   When this button is clicked it will allow you to view the Invoice you have highlighted.
Ledger Pay button    Clicking on this will bring up the Pay to Ledger screen to enable you to pay the Invoice you have highlighted.
Print  menu Button   If you have more than one Invoice highlighted and you click on the Print menu button a dialogue box will show.   A print menu box will then give you options. 


Pick one of the three options to print or email.  when Emailing the email options menu will show.

Sales History button   This button allows you to view all items on the Invoice.  For more information go to Sales History
1 Account Button   Clicking on this button will send you to Your customer list.  Highlight the customer you want and click on the Select button.  This will return you back to the Invoice List Screen with the search window showing as in the above picture.
Cash button and All Accounts The Find window will also show when you select these button
Cash button   The cash button will list only cash customers. 
All Accounts button will list all customers

Click [Cash], [1Account] or [All] to get the pop up find window (
Shown in list picture above)
Note [1 Account.] will bring up the
Customer List first so you can select the account to list.

Book Prefixes
   Ticking box number 6 will allow you to manually enter a book prefix.  Selecting box number 7 will enter the current book you are working in.  If you tick box number 8 all the book prefixes will be entered automatically. If you wish to keep the prefix settings click the Save Button

Search for Text or by Invoice status
NOTE Quick list buttons will override any of the search window setting as quick list is pre set.

Tick the required tick boxes, select the sales person, tick the relevant boxes for the Book prefixes and type in the text to find.  Click the preferred Find box which will bring up the Invoices you are searching.

Payment   Tick the box you are searching, All, Not paid or Paid.
Form Type   Select which type you are searching for, Invoices, Lay buy, Hire invoices, Job card, Backorders, Quotes or Estimates.  Tick the all box if you want to see everything
Sales Person   Select the name of the sales person or tick the All box if you want to see all Invoices. 

Text To Find   This is where you would type in a Part number or Name, or anything you have typed into the Invoice. 

Find in Invoice Top button   Selecting this button will search the top of the Invoice only bringing up a list of everything found.
Find in Top & First 20 Lines button   When this button is selected it will search for the text that has been entered in the Invoice top and the first 20 lines.
Find in All button   Selecting this button will allow you to search for text entered on the complete Invoice.

Quick List Buttons
The quick list button will list what the button states for the books selected.
They do this with out using any of the setting in the search section on the lower left side.

Exit button   Clicking exit will take you back to List of Invoices.