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Barcode / Part Number is the placed in this box. If the part has both, the barcode takes preference  and the part number can be put in the Catalogue number box.
However if the part has a Catalogue Number then put the Part Number in the Description box. 
NOTE : putting a "-" at the end of the part or barcode the ask price box in pos will be negative with 0 amount value. (Good for pay outs )   

Catalogue Number is the suppliers number in there catalogue
Group Name is a name used to find all parts in a group.  
Use the drop down arrow to change a pre defined group name.  Select one of the XXX from the list, then after selection press the Add/Edit button to change the XXX's to your desired pre set name.

Description field is the description of the Part. Do not type in [ ~ ^ ] (older versions used symbols and are no longer used) 
NOTE :The description field can also be used to jump to a different part number by placing a [ % ] sign at the beginning of the of the box  , then one space, then the part or barcode number you wish to jump to and  select.

Price Date is the date of the last price change or update.

The Orange box is to link 1 part to another part .  This is used mainly for packs ie. a pack of 12 Cans.  The barcode on the pack is for 12 Cans.
 Each Can has a barcode for 1 Can.  You can enter the pack details, then link to the Can barcode No. and set a quantity of 12 in the Quantity per unit box.
You can also use the link  if you have two barcodes for the one part ie. two brands same item.

Buy price is the price you buy the part for ex-tax.

Cost Price is the buy price plus Freight and or any other expense.

Tax%  type in the tax rate number only and tick if using GST and not sales tax.

The next 4 rate boxes:
You can enter your selling prices OR just enter a markups.  The price box will work out the markup or the markup box will work out the sell price
Tip if you work with Ex-tax prices remove the tax rate and put if back after you have set the prices.

Points per dollar is used for loyalty points.

Bin Location is were to find the part on the shelf.

Save all prices under rollback number Ticking this box will save the current pricing so it can be Rolled back.

In Stock Now is the amount of stock you have now.

Normally Held is the amount of stock normally held.

Re-Order At is the low level of stock

Per Pack is the number of items in 1 pack.

On Order is pre set by the Order Book Program and holds the number

On Back Order is by invoicing and should not be changed unless wrong.

Stock Item has a "Y" or a "N" to state if this is a stock item.

Increase Stock By is only used when adjusting stock Quantities.

Tick the Ignore Negative Stock Value if you wish your stock to not go into negatives

Weight and Size
of the part are set in Kg and mm.

Weight and Cubic can be reset in the list by putting a negative in front of the value EG: -10  when adding a part to the Stock book.
             This will reset the total to EG: -10 to 10  in invoicing
             This can be used when you have a number of parts going in a carton (box) so you will set the carton size to negative numbers and select the box from your stock last on an invoice.

Scan Options:
are used when Barcode Scanning part to ask for info.

Option: are to store info about the part.

Supplier No. click on the LIST Button  and select the Supplier.

Category No. click on the LIST Button  and select the Category.

Picture Name holds the name of the Picture and the Path.
Use the Find Picture Button to set the Path and Picture.

The Documents Button lets you Attach Document files to this part.

The Build Button let you start a build list for this part.

The Print Button will Print this parts details.

The Ok & Copy Button Saves the part and starts a new part with the same details, its good if one parts red and another is green.
All you need to change is the color and the part number.

The Ok & New Button Saves the part and starts a new part with the NO details.

The Ok Save Button Saves the part and returns .


See Also :  Stock Main Menu , List Parts , Hot keys , Add Stock , Import Stock , Print Barcode , Part Build