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See Also :  Creditors , List all Suppliers , Add New Suppliers , List Bills , Add and Pay Bills

NOTE: By moving the mouse over the buttons, the help box at the bottom of that screen will give you a brief description of the function of that button.

Add Bills- Click here to Add Bills to a Selected Supplier. This will open the Select Supplier pay. Click on Add Bills which will open the  Select Category page for you.

Pay- When you click on [Pay] the [Pay Record] page will open. Please refer to number 2 in the Pay Record notes above.

Change- First highlight the Supplier and then click on this button to make any changes needed to the Supplier record. This will allow you to make changes to the original New Supplier Account record. Make sure you click on the [OK Save] button after making changes to the Supplier record.

Select List- When you click on Select List, all the Unpaid Bills for Suppliers will be tagged.

Delete- Click here to permanently delete a Supplier off the computer. If the Supplier has transactions that have not yet been paid, then the Supplier will not be able to be deleted until these transactions are paid through or deleted from within [List Bills].

Undelete- Click here to undelete the last deleted transaction without closing the program. Only the last transaction can be undeleted.

Print- You can print Selected Items or All Items. Click on your chosen option. The Print Menu page will then open.

Spread All- When you click on [Spread All] the [Print Menu] will open. When you choose the required format, a spreadsheet will be printed of the Selected Supplier.

Find in All-   This will open the Select Category screen  and when you have selected the category or categories to find in you will be able to enter the text to find.

1 Creditor - Click to show the Suppliers list and so you can pick the supplier to show Unpaid Bills for, you will also have the option to show the Paid bills as well when you click on [List Bills] button in the supplier list 

All Creditors- When you click on the All Creditors button, all Suppliers that have Unpaid Bills will be listed.

See Also : List all Suppliers , Add New Suppliers , List Bills , Add and Pay Bills