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How to set up more Companies.  (Down loads from web)

How to Network Bizz Wizz.   (Down loads from web)


How to do Networking
You will need a some network know how to use this information

Step 1  Load the software on all computers

Step 2  Share the Bizzwizz## folder on the main computer (server) .  Make sure you have full read/write access set on the Shared folder.

Step 3  (optional) Map a network drive on the other computers (Slaves) to the Bizzwizz## folder on the main computer (Server)

Do the next step on each of the Slave computer

Step 4  Click on the Company Wizard button in the above picture On the Slave computers

Footnote :  Do not get mixed up with the words computer and company
                    Computer /Till number is a number for each slave computer. 1 to 99
                    Company number is a number for a business. If you have more than 1 business.  1 to 5

Line 1:  Check That you have entered your network Serial Number,

Line 2:  Select a computer / Till number, each Slave computer must have a different computer number 

Line 3:  Select the version of Windows.

Line 4:  Select the Main company or just use [ 1.]

Line 5:  Select the Company you wish to network to the  main computer (server) .  You can have up to 10 companies

Line 6:  Give the selected Company a short name ie. [ Acme ]   not "Acme News Papers Pty"

Line 7:  Browse for the network folder on the server,  select the (company folder) then (Bizzwizz.dat) file
 If button is greyed out then check your S/number is right.

Line 8: If you need to add more companies Repeat  step 5:  by picking company [2] for the next company. Then go to step 6: and step 7:.  
You can have up to 10 companies.

Line 9:  Press Ok Done  which will return you to the main menu, test the data is the same as the server.

Back on the main menu  under "Company Tab" click the company loaded drop down list Select the company to load

Check the data on both computers is the same by adding something.

See Also :   Menu , PurchaseUnlock , Backup , Networking