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Do not update unless you have already loaded the full 15 version
this is NOT an update for v14

Update Only from 15.0? to 15.12    26-09-2011

Improvements  and Fixes in this update are: 
NOTE: These are only main changes, lots of other change are done as well.
 POS & Invoice Linked sales Bug fixed.  – 15.12

    Installation  instructions
    Update Only

  1. Close all parts of BW down even the tool bar
  2. Click on “Download Setup Button” above
  3. Download (RUN)
    If you need to keep the download “EXE” select (save) not (run) and save to a folder.
    Note: if saving to the desktop folder, remove or move the Update icon off desktop after Update is done.

NOTE: if you are using XP and need to load the Dot Net Frame-work, it can be loaded HERE